The Technician of the Sacred is here to preserve the past, enrich the present, and follow our dreams into the future. Through his art he shares a balance of spirit and technology.

Born into the creative eclectic Santa Cruz, Adrian Rasmussen (The Technician of the Sacred) uses art to explore awareness and tap into our creative nature. He sees one of our major challenges in this time is the role technology plays in our lives. Through his art he examines how to balance the gifts of technology with the liveliness of human element.

Though his work is inspired by ancient tales, symbols, and understandings; he uses the truth found within throughout his art. Beyond the imagery, he shares a resonance to be felt rather than understood.

Experienced in digital design, traditional painting techniques, aerosol and airbrush arts, lapidary, jewelry design, 3D printing and laser cutting; Adrian finds a way to integrate plethora of skills into his creations.

He believes “Art is the expression of our innate creative nature. This is a gift we all have to give, the expression of such is shown throughout the way we live. Life is art.”

Adrian Rasmussen born in 1982, has not stopped creating art since the moment he first finger painted. Though he has attended art classes and workshops, the majority of his skills were self-taught.

He begin sharing his art and engaging the Santa Cruz Art Scene In 2004. In 2005 he co-founded the Hide Gallery which went on to win best gallery in Santa Cruz several years straight. After the Hide’s closure Adrian became active in the Tannery Arts Center. Living on site two years prior to its opening he helped raise awareness around the Tannery and activate the space. Still a resident at the Tannery he has shifted focus onto the creation of his personal art. Now days you’ll find him at festivals and throughout the bay exhibiting and live painting.

Thank you for joining me on this endless artistic journey. I am committed to finding ways to inspire and spark that inner fire! I’d love to hear any feedback, ideas, collaborations or opportunities.

Adrian Rasmussen